P.H. Frauenfelder


From small jobs to big challenges

Our customers are very diverse. We work for customers in the business market but also for private individuals. You can call us in for small jobs but also for large, complicated challenges.

Housing associations, private individuals, contractors, insurance companies, homeowners associations; you name it, we do work for them. Below you will find some of the organizations and companies we regularly do work for:

  • The city of The Hague
  • Gemeentemuseum The Hague
  • ANWB shops
  • Bouwborg / Ballast Nedam
  • Jumbo supermarkets South Holland
  • Assisted living centres HWW and Assisted living Netherlands
  • Homeowners Associations Services Netherlands
  • Verschoor Building Services
  • Bouwmeester Contracting Firm
  • Jansen and Huybregts Contracting Firm
  • JurriĆ«ns Contracting Firm
  • Various real estate agencies
  • Various contracting firms